Whole Self: Bringing Balance

Whole Self: Bringing Balance

Are you too tired to deal with the people around you? Are you feeling empty and living your life as a spectator ? Are you seeing the 'joys of life' as a burden ? And asking yourself what is my purpose ?

When we live life with so many imbalances in every aspect of our life..we lose sight of ourselves, we lose touch with who we really are. There comes with that a disconnect from our physical being, our emotions and our spiritual state.


This workshop aims at sifting through the complexity of the imbalances and their domino effects into your life. Understanding who you are and why you respond that way. And how to bring the balance back in to your life.

Mohammed Isaaq is our esteemed guest from the UK who has studied under different teachers in Morroco, Jordan and Tarim. He also studies Unani Tibb with Hakim Salim Khan.

Naimah is a naturopath with experience of almost 10years. She furthered her studies in natural fertility, skin diagnosis and Unani-Tibb medicine under Hakim Salim Khan. 

Together they bring you a transformational workshop that you never have experienced in Australia. 

Only 25 seats available. Bring your partner to make changes together,  to your relationship, to your home, to your life. 

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