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Health Conscious Womens Group - Spring

My all time favourite topics! These topics are really EVERYTHING you need to know to make a change with your health. These are the BASIS of Healing... without these, your health will only be deteriorating in a matter of time. 

Health topics for our women's group starting in 10 days!


Wk1- Health and Essentials of healing

Wk2- Stress and it’s effects

Wk3- Energy, why and how to have more.

Wk4- Damaging Foods and Deficiencies 

Wk5- Gut and Liver detox


We will begin class with a mindful yoga session and then have a group discussion about what health goals you hope to achieve this week..followed by the topic of the week! Limited spots available. Half booked already!


Have you met one of those elder women, who look, feel and act like they are at the epitome of health. It just radiates from their faces. I have!  

One of my mothers friends... she was in her late 60's and looked like she was in her 40's. She inspired me to become a naturopath when I was 15yrs old. She carried around with her, her herbal drink. She conducted exercise classes which required flexibility (which she still had at her age)... and walked around with a serene calmness.... these women didn't become like that overnight. It was a lifestyle... what you do everyday becomes you! It starts now ladies! Sign up to our women's group to get you on your way to feeling healthy and alive...